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Since 1978 RM Distribuzione Industriale SRL has gained experience in two main fields: fasteners and power transmission components. The sales program is therefore aimed at assisting the customer completely in his daily needs for a long term and profitable relationship. RM Distribuzione Industriale SRL also pursues a quality-focused policy, distributing largely products in Italy or Europe. This guarantees technical support always present both in the study of new the application, and in case of breakdown.

Alongside the supply of products for the construction of plants and machinery, RM Distribuzione Industriale SRL, provides also the distribution and hardware company.

Our website has been implemented with download area for technical catalogs, generate enquiries, and to place an orders and verify the status of their deliveries.


Molle a tazzatrasmissioni di potenza


Disc spring, retaining ring, DIN and special safety washers, locking and self-locking nut, key, safety washer Lock Rite DIN 25201-4, cylindrical pin,  conical pin, elastic pin, clevises, CONTACT washer, etc.

Power transmission

Coupling, clamping element, gearbox, electric motor, right angle precision, mechanical worm screw jack, special special and standard bearing, coupling, free wheel, linear motion, pulley, chain, drive belt, etc.

Our services

RM Distribuzione Industriale offers to our customers dedicated services by providing flexible delivery systems such as just-in-time, kanban, consignment stocks by managing assortments and dedicated stocks

Our markets

Our main brands

Some of our products: bearings, linear motions, joint heads, key rings, elastic rings, washers, cup springs, ring and rosettes, connecting plugs and other fasteners and minuterie.

The range is completed with Rings and Lock Washers, Pins, ringed washers of LMKAS compensation and other available accessories available in the special section catalogue.

Our commitment is constant and is directed to distributors and industries searching for a complete sale program.

Since 2006 RM Distribuzione Industriale SRL has ISO 9001:2008 certification [download certificate]

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