Disc spring DIN 2093 application

Disc spring, belleville washer sector of application


The DIN 2093 disc spring, or "belleville washers", are mainly used in applications that require a high concentration of force with a small variation of crushing or arrow. In many cases, disc springs are used to replace coil springs, especially where space is limited, a greater force is required at the same size, or the size of the system must be reduced.
Special applications are carried out in the presence of high and low temperature for cryogenic, medical, technical gases, etc.

  In the oil sector, there are many applications:
• different types of valves such as saracina valves, safety valves, control valves, and valves
• tightening of pipe flange bolts
• elastic supports for pipes
• hydraulic actuators
  In the railway sector, the most widespread applications:
• mechanical safety locking systems
• hydraulic clamping systems
• safety brakes
  In the energy sector there are applications in:
• high voltage cable support systems
• wind towers
• locking and security systems
  In the tractor sector there are applications in:
• single-acting hydraulic pistons
• hydraulic valves
• mechanical locking systems
• shock absorbers

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