Coiled springs


We supply springs in any kind of shape, material according to customer drawing; we support our customer to chose the right solution in order to guaranty the best technical specification.

Common forms
Conical, concave (barrel), convex (hourglass) and various combinations of above. The space allotted will decide the allowable solid height, inner diameter and outer diameter of compression springs. Along with the load and deflection, the dimensional limits will decide the stress level.

Spring Materials
Common spring materials include stainless steel, alloy steels, carbon steels and some non-ferrous materials. We cna provide spring from exotic materials: 51CrV4, AISI 316, INCONEL® 718, INCONEL® X750, NIMONIC®, X22CrMoV12-1, Monel®K500, Hastelloy® C276, Beryllium copper etc.

Spring design
Selection of material is one of the important steps in spring design. Types of material available, mechanical and electrical properties, operating conditions are few points of prime importance for material selection. In case of heavy stress cycles, a tight control is required in material quality. Scratches, seams and other such flaws affect fatigue life considerably. Carbon steel and alloy steel give optimum service and heavy stress cycles.

Stress Relieving
Coiling operation produces stress so springs must be stress relieved. To relieve the harmful residual stresses, Stress Relieving of springs is done. Depending upon the type of spring material - furnace temperature & soaking time will vary accordingly. Stress relieving causes dimensional distortion so manufacturer should predict the change to achieve required dimensions. Forming should immediately follow stress relieving. We have in-house heat-treatment furnaces for large diameter springs. We also do shot penning on springs to introduce compressive stresses on the springs which help to increase the fatigue life of the springs.

We provide compression with OD of 500 mm and length 1560 mm:The wire diameter range is from 0.2 mm to 70 mm manufactured by automatic spring coilers up to 8.0 mm wire diameter, from 8mm to 22 mm by semi-automatic cold coiling machines and from 22 mm to 70 mm by hot coiling machines. Tolerances are per IS 7906 or DIN 2095.

Surface coating
We offer a variety of coating on springs like mechanical zinc plating, zinc Eectro plating, nickel plating, Electroless nickel plating, Geomet®, Dacromet® coating, cadmium plating, powder coating, Eeoxy painting etc.


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