RM Distribuzione Industriale SRL has developed an ongoing activity in major industrial sectors favoring the distribution of high quality products. RM Distribuzione Industriale proposes technical solutions of two categories of products: fasteners and power transmissions.

Disc spring  




Power trasmission

Disc spring DIN 2093, safety washers Lock Rite, retaining ring DIN 471 and 472, cylindrical, conical and spring pins, key DIN 6885, contact washers, special items according to customer demand.   Coupling, bearing, linear motion, gerabox, electric motor, pulley and belt, chain and sprockets and more.
anelli seeger  

Retaining ring

The retaining rings are the most used systems for the axial locking of cylindrical shape components.
Can be different types, depending on the conditions required by the installation...

molle a tazza  


Disc springs

Disc Spring is a concave circular elastic plate, in according to DIN 2093, that can be loaded with a static or dynamic axial load ...RM Distribuzione Industriale provide full range of dimension and based material, included 51CrV4, AISI 316, INCONEL 718, INCONE X750, NIMONIC, X22CrMoV12-1 and more ...



Motoriduttori VF


Gearboxes and electric motors

Gearboxes, gear motors and motovarsators are currently used in all industrial sectors. We offer a complete range suitable for every need ...

ghiere KM autobloccanti  

Locking nuts and self locking nuts

Locking nuts, mounting nuts, self-locking ring nuts, self-locking ring nuts, KM nuts, precision nuts, metal rosettes, safety nuts for rings ...

giunti meccanici  

Mechanical couplings

Flexible, elastic, rigid, slotted, toothed, magnetic, self-aligning joints, self-synchronizing, safety mechanical couplings.

chiavette linguette  


DIN 6885 – UNI 6604 (ex ISO 773) keys.



cuscinetti e ruote libere


Centrifugally lift off sprags freewheels


movimenti lineari  

Linear motion



Right angle precision and mechanical worm screw jack



Lock Rite washers DIN 25201-4

Lock Rite locking washers, produced in according with DIN 25201, are the best locking system for lead-screw joints and far surpasses any other system used : flat washers , split or serrated washers, self-locking nuts or double nuts system ...



We provide special springs in any kind dimension, shape and raw material.ommon spring materials include stainless steel, alloy steels, carbon steels and some non-ferrous materials. We can provide spring from exotic materials: Inconel® X-750, Inconel® 718, Nimonic® 90, Monel, Nimonic®, Hastelloy®, Beryllium copper ...

snodi sferici  

Snodi Sferici Tescubal / Teste a Snodo Tescubal



spine meccaniche  

Mechanical pins


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